Track. Manage. Improve.

Introducing the worlds most advanced tri-camera system that provides real-time road and driver footage to lower fleet costs and protect your drivers.

Protect and coach your drivers

When incidents occur, you can review the footage to better understand what happened before and after and provide video evidence to safeguard your business from false claims.

Add video to your safety program

With customized safety scorecards and complimentary safety engineer for your account, PROOF offers a one-of-a-kind safety platform that saves time, ensures accuracy, and guarantees results.

Open source technology available for integration

Currently using another technology? Our hardware and software allows you to integrate with other systems like telematics and collision-prevention-systems to create a holistic approach.

360° Control of your fleet

3 Triple-R HD dash cams are installed in three different and essential places – in front of the vehicle, in the driver’s cabin and in the rear part of the vehicle. This grant you the ability to monitor numerous events such as accidents, risky driving and even thefts.

Dash Camera Field of View

Fleet Management Hardware & Software Solution


PROOF PRO is a comprehensive solution for all of your fleet management needs. With our system you will be able to monitor your fleet 24/7 from all over the world, get push notification directly to your smartphone and by using our management platform, you’ll be able to change ineffective routes and reduce costs!

Cloud based Full HD Recordings

Every video recorded is uploaded automatically to a cloud, giving you the option to view them whenever you want!

Dedicated Management System

Play and restore videos recorded on the SD card directly from the dashboard.

Easily Share videos

Securly share video footage on and off the web by creating a simple URL link. Enable driver collaboration and easier collaboration.

AI Powered Behavior Analysis

PROOF PRO Triple-R detects unsafe driving such as sudden acceleration, sharp turns, strong braking, and helps fleets understand the leading causes of preventable accidents.

Real Time alerts to the driver

Through artificial AI and computer vision, Triple-R detects drivers' distractions, driver drowsiness and careless driving testimonies and helps drivers with visual audio alerts.

Smart GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking and tracking on a vehicle history map, including location-by-point information; date. Time, altitude, speed and driving events.

Time to take fleet management to a whole new level

About Us


Inspired by real fleet manager’s needs, PROOF PRO Triple-R cloud-based dash cams created to give you new and simple technological solutions to help you control and manage your fleet. Its minimalistic design doesn’t interfere with drivers field of view while driving but still captures a wide video angel.

Other then its video abilities, PROOF PRO Triple-R gathers valuable information such as risky driving, real time GPS tracking, driver behavior and many more, allowing you to get the big picture from anywhere and at any time needed, saving you a lot of working hours and of course – reduce costs.

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